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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  February 15, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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has done. but the one i saw this year he would have blown up. if he had bere would be no jack bower and i would be sad. >> i love doing it. it is authentic fr me, and i value it greatly. >> reporter: the clock is ticking every month riot here on fox, hollywood. and here is brian. icy roads, slick sidewalks and lots of snow on nearly every corner. thousands of students facing problems, closures and delays across the top of e screen, you wouldn't find d.c. public schools, they're open on time tomorrow. are the streets or sidewalks safe for the students. will thomas has more. >> reporter: hey bring, for the parents tomorrow the big concern is not the commute but the safety of the children. here in the district, many walk to school and take the metro, but here is the problem, right where they take the metro you
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have the giant amounts of snow. kids climbing on them to be seen by the bus or standing on the other side in the street. and if they're not taking the bus they're crossing over these to get to the other side of the street. you like the snow? what kid doesn't, but tuesday means back to school for five- year-old sebastian. his dad will walk, but it wouldn't be easy. >> oh no. >> are you all right? >> the last push to clear out the roads and clear out some of the buffer areas along the curb have created the huge piles in the middle of intersections, crosswalks and bus stops. >> reporter: here is just what he is talking about. passengers of any age forced to wait on top of the mounds in the street so they can be seen. there are still many sidewalks like this one in adams morgan that haven't been cleared by
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homeowners and businesses. >> and still there is really no place for you to go. >> reporter: n the morning, snow-covered sidewalks and side streets could become patches of ice. >> it puts a lot of burden on parents, who sort of walk in the middle of the street with their kids. >> reporter: another concerned parent e-mails photos to fox 5 news, the images show sidewalks, bus stops and intersections covered in snow, making it difficult and dangerous for pedestrians. >> this is what the park is here -- nothing done on this side so these kids can walk this street here. >> reporter: people living throughout the city are looking at the concern for safety. >> there is only so many places they can put it. at this point i think they need to focus on the pedestrian aspect of it. >> reporter: city officials reminding all of us to be very careful, looking out for kids and other pedestrians as we drive around in the next few days. the community is involved in it as well.
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we're told that volunteers are outside the high school in the morning to help to dig out the pathways and sidewalks. and we're hearing more about the volunteers helps in the region. all right, virginia, schools sent out a call for help to parents to help them dig out of the snow. and parents responded in force. the principal there said within two hours of sending out e-mails, some sent out a snow blowers. others just got ready to dig. >> how much shoveling have you been doing? >> i don't know, about two feet. >> two feet? all by yourself. >> well, with my mom. >> reporter: the school does have its own snow blower, had. this winter it had so many it broke. and in maryland, putting out a call for help, getting kids back to class. residents are being asked to clear sidewalks and bus stops so it will be safe for students
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to head back to school. meanwhile, another issue. over-flowing garbage, residents haven't seen the trash man in more than a week. back-to-back blizzards turning friday into a problem, but with so much snow to remove from the roads tuesday, tomorrow could be terrible. but officials hope it is not the case. road crews are working to clear the space on the roads. fox 5 news bob barner has more from the east, more on the story. >> reporter: well, brian it is not looking good for a number of reasons, first of all many of you are heading back to work tomorrow for the first time in more than a week. plus hundreds of school buses will be added to the mix. and as will was talking about there is lots of snow blocking lanes of traffic. triple a says you can count on another long and terrible commute tomorrow. the ride to virginia across the 14th street bridge was a breeze tonight. but this was late in the rush hour and a federal holiday.
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tomorrow's commute is expected to be more like the one you may have experienced on friday. this was you know -- >> really this was the commute from hell. >> reporter: marcus was stuck? it. >> it was something else. i got to say. luckily i didn't have to go into virginia where i heard it was almost two, two and a half hours to get home just from d.c. >> reporter: anderson blames this mess friday on officials who decided to open the federal government. >> when it was clear the city streets had one, two lanes, in many casing they were operating at half or a third of their normal capacity because of the piles of snow everywhere. >> reporter: they're on it now. clearing snow from inbound lanes of pennsylvania avenue. >> for all the heavy lifting and snow removal that has been happening all weekend, all week for that matter there is still many roads that are choked down where you don't have a curb lane. >> reporter: and long-time traffic reporter says there is no great secret to avoiding another terrible morning rush
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hour. >> tuesday, every reason to think that its going to be worse than anybody can imagine. >> reporter: what advice from triple a? >> if you have the option to work from home office, what a great day to do it. > reporter: if not, be patient behind the wheel, make sure you have lots of gas in the tank. you could be stuck for a couple of hours. that is the reality. >> reporter: and always remember before heading out the door in the morning, tune into fox 5 news starting tomorrow early at 4:30 for the up to date traffic reports. all right, a big factor for the morning commute, t freezing temperatures and threat of black ice, sue palka with the weather center, how low will the temperatures go. >> looks like we're in the mid- 20s, snow we got today didn't accumulate because temperatures were above freezing. but it did put down a fresh coating of water, and add to that the melting. there is the set-up for black
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ice, a look at true view, most of the action is gone. we'll look at the snow showers and some pretty thick fog that is actually freezing out here in the central valley. so just south of front royal where we see the snow showers there is also a little bit of fog to contend with. we definitely agree that the clipper made it easier on d.c. today as we look at the headlines. but there will be a concern of black ice as the clipper has pulled on out. there will be a few spotty showers left tonight and tomrow morning. so don't be shocked if you see that around, especially between 10 and noon. it will drop in the 20s tonight though. so we're concerned about black ice especially on the sidewalks, and the wind will pick up in the drying process. tomorrow looks like a set-up for a lot of extra time needed. so caution will be needed out the front door. >> all right thank you sue. and working other big stories tonight. in haiti, a deadly school collapse with children inside.
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but there are fears about another quake that are on the minds of survivors and scientists too. and we'll play it for you. director kevin smith, too fat to fly? southwest airlines said so the back lash and what the airline is saying right now. we'll be right back in one minute 
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. problems keep coming for haiti, following the last month's terrible earthquake. today a school collapsed, killing three children.
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the red cross says a wall collapsed in the building after the heavy rains, meanwhile, after shockings shocks continue to hit the island nation. they say there are problems, there is a 90% chance one or more earthquakes could hit there over the next month. >> the fear that -- people have -- voiced or some scientists have voiced is that the january 12th earthquake may have -- increased tension on some other segments of that fault, possibly starting an earthquake on the segments sooner rather than later. >> way back in 1751, a quake hit the island, about a month later, another tremor hit, destroying parts of port-au- prince. and released video on the day kennedy was killed. november 22nd 1963. the clip showing his plane landing in texas. he and his wife made their way
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through a cheering crowd moments before he was shot in dallas. the photographer donated the picture to the museum which looked at his life and death. and a shocking announcement from senator evan bayh. the senator says he is no longer in love with congress and wouldn't seek re-election. >> after all of these years, my passion for service to our fellow citizens has remained the same. but my desire to do so by serving in congress has gone. for sometime i've had a growing conviction that congress is not offering as it should. there is a lot of partisan ship. >> he didn't give indications he would run for any other office of course. coming, a dangerous refreeze, we're playing the snow sound offs from and southwest airlines said
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that kevin smith was too fat to fly. its not all they're saying. the new twist that happened, and played out on twitter 
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. well is director kevin smith too fat to fly? that is what southwest airlines told him. he was taken off the flight because he didn't fit properly in his seat. so he went to his twitter account, and by the way he has a million followers. and some of them followed up,
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and southwest apologized after the negative interviews. a spokesperson says that southwest was wrong. >> now this is an industry that ranks in terms of public opinion lower than the u.s. congress and lower than the insurance industry. lower than attorneys. this is just another ploy, another example with how the airlines are out of touch with the consumer base. >> reporter: southwest issued a statement regarding the policy that has been in effect for over 25 years. and over to shawn yancy with the top five. and brian, more trouble for toyota, is your car under recall? it has been weeks since they announced the recall. now the government says it received 34 reports of people dying as a result of problems with toyota cars since 2000. number four, the recent hiring boom of temporary workers doesn't necessarily
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mean that the jobs are coming forth. it could mean the bosses are slow to higher permanent workers because of the economy. and researchers found that young kids cared for by their grandparents full-time had a 34% higher risk of being heavier. they suspect kids get less exercise with their grandrents than they would in daycare. and a study shows that people mixing alcohol with other pills could have a wreck, the combination could trick you into thinking that you're not as drunk as you really are. and making it impossible to pick up the trash. if you live in d.c., put the trash in where it can be picked up. the recycling has been suspended until next weekment
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week. you can find out more, just click on web links. and are you sick of the snow? listen to the snow sound-off. >> reporting from here, and i go to williams elementary school. and i am so sick of the snow that i'm asking my mother can she print me up some school would be, that work, that is how much i am sick of schoo snow and . >> and we want to hear from you, you can answer the web poll. if snow removal were an olympic sport who would get the gold medal? d.c., maryland or virginia. go to and let us know what you think. snow tonight, not so bad, we're thinking one to two inches, we escaped snow . >> that is right, a pass on that one, almost all the storms
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over-performed, this one didn't, everybody is happy about it. good timing, you got to love a good dry slot. that is what we had today. tonight of course a little bit of fog out there. worse out to the west, and where temperatures may drop enough this could actually become freezing fog. so visibility is not terrible compromisactually water drops suspended in the area, and that is the last thing we need here in d.c. right now. it should be mostly gone by the morning. temperatures are not bad, but will continue to fall. so we're not getting reports of black ice, or annapolis, leonard town, gaithersburg, freezing temperatures, by the way an awful lot more snow out in these areas than other regions have had. just a coating to an edge in some spots northwest. and a lot of that of course did melt. but as we widen the picture, you can see it as the clipper comes through. it had a huge opening, it
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became two separate systems with rain in the southeast. and the snow to the northwest. it will be heavy for the mountains, they actually have winter storm warnings continuing up there. but in general, the lighter accumulations, you have to get northwest to find anything substantial. on the order, a dusting to an inch in some spots. you can see here, an inch. in the highlands,winter snow, and it will continue with a possibility of eight to 12 total inches of snow. so good news fo the ski resorts, the rest of us could see a snow shower out there. the future cast showing that at 11:00 tonight most of the storms well to the east, getting ready to go out in the atlantic. watch that we could see a few snow showers out there, any time between 10 and noon. there could be a coating, not a lot of significance, but if
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you're driving in it we want to know what you're dealing with at that time. two-hour delays, you may see that as you head off to work or school. here is the area of low pressure, the clipper intense over new england. picking up the breezes, snow showers in the mountain, so limited sunshine tomorrow and the winds will pick up in the afternoon. so do be careful about that. as for the temperatures tomorrow, we still get above freezing on the five-day forecast. going for 38 degre, kind of a chilly day and certainly windy by late morning, into early afternoon. and more melting on wednesday, clouds out there on wednesday, thursday, but getting up to 42 on thursday, 42 on friday, so each day that snow pack will be worse, friday, saturday, not bad. this week doesn't look like it will feature a storm. we'll have to watch for it on monday, we have many days on that. just a few days to keep an eye
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out for feldman, don't go anywhere gene
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. good evening, i'm dave feldman, hosting virginia today, this one was scheduled for last wednesday but was moved because of the snow. meanwhile, the terps went down to duke, tonight they were ticked off. coming out on fire, off the virginia turnover, hayes
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threading the needle there. four, 12 more than saturday against duke. first half, 10 of 13 from the floor, made all four free throws. 25 in the first half, one more than the entire team scored saturday at duke. and vasquez dishing it out there. >> not even looking at you, i don't see you. >> terps led 52-34, second half, more of the same. gregory denies it. vasquez up with three's 30 on the night. terps have the lead, 85-66. gary and the boys improve to 7 and 7 and 3 in the ac. and solid form there, the home standing team kicking out to the freshmen, led howard with 11 points. but the bison trailed by 11 at
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the break, turnovers did them in on this night. 16 turnovers including this one. spartans going for two of his game high of 20. both teams six and six. the washington capitals enter the olympic break with the best record in the nhl. 41 and 8. good for 90 points, 18 of the caps currently all over the globe, enjoying much needed r and r, and in vancouver, seeking gold, the puck hops on. ovechkin leading with 42 goals, joined by semin who netted the 30th goal saturday night. and joined by the goalie, backtrack brandon backstom for
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sweden. for the host team, canada, green leads, 14 goals, 46 assists, the omission not sitting well with the cap's owner. >> i am not rooting for canada. i think not putting the green on the canadian team was dumb, and i hope russia lights canada up. i hope that ovechkin and semin torch the defense of canada, right now i'm america, i would like to see america win, and if they don't i would like to see the russians win. >> and charlotte coach brown said today that mj said he is doing everything he can to get majority control of the bobcats from johnson, johnson wants to sell the team. it makes no money, in fact it loses money, and the nba commissioner said he expects the deal to be completed within two months. and american southwest gets a gold today at the america
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cross. and miller, winning at the down hill race, 9-hundredth of a second behind the winner. vonn practiced and practiced well. i'm dave feldman, we'll be right back right after this i will be ready for whatever the day throws at me. uh, looks like torrential rain, bumper to bumper traffic and some kind of weird smell downtown. i will be working from home today. my sister's coming. i can make it. i'm sure she's lovely. [ male announcer ] instant weather and traffic without changing the channel and 2 times more very satisfied customers than cox. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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